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Look out for these avoidable mistakes to grow as a content writer

Ever written something and felt a pang of remorse to not be able to connect it with people? Don’t worry, reading this article will help you to come out of that situation!

In a surge to let people know your ideas, you may have committed some mistakes while writing. These mistakes can leave your output of no use, or in some cases turn out to be counter-intuitive. Writing is not a nimble process, if you want your content to express your words, then you must give it some proper time. After inking down your thoughts, think to give them a shape that will connect you and your reader. Multiple factors cause mistakes to occur, and that's okay! But re-planning your thoughts accordingly can be really helpful.

Let's now know what type of errors we make, and how we can overcome them easily.

1. No Target Audience-

Writing in general makes your content less impactful as compared to the content you create for a specific group. When you write for some specific people, your mind has an idea of how your work should be finally presented to the reader. After all, to whom you are writing plays an important part in what you are writing.

2. A Lengthy Introduction-

Do you want the first impression of your article to be boring! No? Then don’t write so much so early. Writers usually exhibit all their skills in opening and are confused about writing further. Engaged in reading only, the reader will lose interest to give any further attention to your work.

So keep the opening short but appealing.

3. No Preset Goal-

The motive behind writing should be clear while reading. Try to clear it as soon as possible, because you do not want your reader to be still unclear about the goal after reading the whole content.

4. No Outline-

Time is precious. So don't waste your time unnecessarily on writing anything. Create an outline or a framework for your content and get your work done faster. Let your ideas flow in, but try categorizing them according to 5Ws- who, what, when, where, and why in separate paragraphs.

5. Dubious Conclusions-

Another most important thing is to end or sum up your content. Clear conclusions are important to set an impact on the reader’s mind. It has been noticed that nice conclusions are beneficial for review or assessment articles as the gist is provided therein.


As we all are aware of the importance of writing and are always curious about it, it is our duty to write clearly by checking these mistakes. While writing, it's only you and the unseen person in your mind to whom you want to convey your message. It may be difficult to elude these mistakes in one go, so you must double-check the content to find mistakes, called proofreading.

Experienced writers also commit mistakes and sometimes blunder. There is only practice that can bring a level of confidence in you and your work.

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